Dropping baggage (great episode-multilayer) with Elizabeth Durham - THE LESS STRESSED LIFE PODCAST EPISODE 014

podcast Oct 17, 2017

[Disclaimer: This FABULOUS episode is longer, but WORTH the listen!]

Elizabeth Durham, owner of Sweet Elizabeth's Organics takes us through the health problems she and her family left behind when she discovered some of the root causes of her symptoms. She also takes us through letting go of the baggage of "stuff" and all the pain we sometimes take on of others, a shocking lesson she shares after the recent passing of her father.

This episode is packed with nuggets about overcoming hardships and handling a complete pivot--in career and location, in pursuit of a less stressed life.

Resources mentioned in this show: 
www.sweetelizabethsorganics.com An allergy-free baking mix company
Discount code: lessstressed
www.christabiegler.com <---for food sensitivity testing and overcoming related issues and gut permeability

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